Palmer College of Professional Studies

Will Webb, Senior Vice President and Dean

School of Business

Cat McPherson, Associate Dean

The School of Business comprises the business, communication and project management programs leading to minors and bachelor of arts degrees. The business program approaches business strategy and business education with a curricular emphasis on sustainability and the “triple bottom line” (harnessing benefits that are economic, social, and environmental).

Each program also provides a wide range of emphases or concentrations in each major as well as certificates and minors. 



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School of Education

Pamela Bailey, Associate Dean

The School of Education offers professional programs designed to prepare students to enter a wide variety of educational careers, including teaching, higher education administration, applied behavior analysis, autism spectrum disorder, and other related professions. Undergraduate students interested in teaching elementary or special education major in either Elementary Education or Special Education, both of which lead to licensure. Undergraduate students interested in teaching at the middle or secondary level major in the area in which they intend to teach and choose the respective content area education minor. Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies is an education major that does not lead to licensure. With a focus on developing confident leadership skills, the school creates a collaborative environment of inquiry and innovation, while helping individuals find personal pathways to achieve their goals. The School of Education offers a variety of programs of study: paths to Virginia teacher licensure as well as non-licensure and/or non-degree opportunities for professional development.


Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Studies



  • Elementary Education
  • Special Education
  • Middle Education
  • Secondary Education







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School of Professional Studies

Mary Clay Thomas, Associate Dean

Each program in the School of Professional Studies offers students a solid knowledge base in the theory and practice in their chosen field. The school stresses applying that intellectual foundation to address society’s needs.