School of Business Graduate Student Admission

General Requirements for Admission

Mary Baldwin's MBA coursework includes similar elements and rigor to other MBA degrees. Still, it is accessible to those with both business and non-business undergraduate degrees. Prospective students’ application materials evaluation uses a holistic perspective, and the following admissions criteria are used:

  • GPA: Minimum standard of 3.0 in a business related undergraduate or graduate program; consideration given for work experience and/or other degree work.

  • Bachelor's degree: If the degree is not in business, accounting, or an approved business- related field, the applicant may be required to take an exam to evaluate his or her level of business knowledge. Based on exam results, applicants may be required to take a pre-MBA module course.

  • Work experience: Preferred, but not required. Prospective students should submit a resume to have work experience considered as part of an overall application.

  • Essay: A short written essay is required by marginally qualified applicants to evaluate their level of interest in the program and writing capability.

  • Interview: The review committee may request individual interviews.

Prerequisite Courses

Pre-MBA Module: Students without an undergraduate business or related degree may be required to take a business knowledge exam administered by MBU to determine their level of base preparation to enter the program. Based on the exam results, students may need to take a competency-based pre-MBA module. The course will be online, self-paced, and through a third-party source. Areas included in these core competencies are accounting, business finance, business law, management, and marketing.

Conditional Acceptance

Students interested in taking one or two courses may do so but must still submit the requested admissions materials. This option can be used by those with a particular interest in a specific offering or whose previous degree work does not meet the admissions requirements. After completion of selected courses, students may request full admission to the MBA program.

Conditional Early Admission Program

Mary Baldwin undergraduate students are encouraged to apply to the MBA graduate program. In addition to the standard requirements, a letter of recommendation must also be submitted. To apply to this program, students must meet with the undergraduate business advisor to plan coursework and determine eligibility for this program. Eligible students must meet all admissions requirements of the graduate program and are limited to 6 credits before graduation. Students must have graduated with a bachelor's degree to enroll in this program.

Admission Decision

The MBA Admissions Committee makes admission decisions after completion of applications, the interviews have been given (if necessary), and the committee has reviewed all submitted materials in the context of the applicant pool. Upon completion, applicants receive their admission status. Applicants learn at the time of their admission notice any additional pre-MBA course requirements that must be fulfilled as conditions of enrollment.

Bachelor's/Master's Options

The Palmer College of Professional Studies offers an accelerated path Bachelor to Master 4+1 option. The program is designed to allow an undergraduate student to complete coursework toward a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. Students combine up to 9 semester hours of graduate courses with undergraduate work, leading to a Master’s degree one year following completion of the Bachelor’s degree.