Liberal Arts And Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)

The Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies (LAIS) major embodies the University’s values of a comprehensive liberal arts education. Drawing from multiple disciplinary areas extending beyond general education requirements, the major offers students the opportunity to select a track that aligns best with their educational goals.

The Educational Foundations track provides students interested in education, but not teacher licensure, an option to earn a degree that encompasses many areas of study with coursework in pedagogy. The Humanities track serves to offer a cross-disciplinary major with a primary focus in both History and English.

Requirements for the Major in Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies

The Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies (LAIS) major consists of 54-57 semester hours. Students will complete the Core Requirements in addition to a Track: Educational Foundations (not intended to lead to licensure) or Humanities (not intended to lead to licensure). Exceptions to the specified courses below must be approved. For more information, please see the Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies Major section of myMBU, School of Education.

Core Courses

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Additional Requirements for the Major

  • Research Course (3-4 s.h.) (R)
  • Science Introductory Course (3-4 s.h.) (N)
Sub-Total Credits

TRACK Requirements: Educational Foundations

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

TRACK Requirements: Humanities

At least three of the electives must be taken at the 300-level.

  • English Elective 1
  • English Elective 2
  • English Elective 3
  • History Elective 1
  • History Elective 2
  • History Elective 3
  • Humanities* Elective 1
  • Humanities* Elective 2
  • Humanities* Elective 3
  • ENG 400 and/or HIST 400 Senior Project (The project should be approved by the chair of the department in which the student plans to complete the Senior Project.)

Sub-Total Credits: 30

*May be selected from any of the following disciplines: English, History, Foreign Languages/Cultures/Literatures, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Asian Studies or Art History.

NOTE: If any of the English/History/Humanities “electives” noted above in the Track carry NASH credit, they may not be counted for NASH credit toward the student’s general education requirements.

Total Credits: LAIS Major plus One Track 54 - 57