Criminal Justice (BA)

Paige Merkord-Reed, Program Director/Department Chair

A major in Criminal Justice provides students with a broad knowledge of crime trends, police, courts, corrections, theories of crime, and research methodology within the field of criminal justice. The major offers a variety of courses in sub-disciplines, such as public safety, legal, criminal justice administration, and criminology, to allow students to explore their individual interests within the field of criminal justice. Additionally, students will explore career possibilities and are encouraged to complete an internship to allow the opportunity for hands-on experience working with various agencies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Criminal Justice program at Mary Baldwin University is to teach students to use critical thinking skills about issues related to criminal justice systems in the United States and throughout the world. The program provides students with a strong background in Liberal Arts by focusing on the social, cultural, and political dimensions of criminal justice systems while exploring theories of criminal behavior. Students examine how social influences continually change the practice of criminal justice through applied coursework and practical experience.

The major fosters writing skills, verbal communication, information literacy, and the application of theoretical knowledge pertaining to the field of Criminal Justice. The program further prepares students to conduct scholarly research into the nature and sources of crime, social responses to crime, and within the criminal justice system.



Core Requirements: (total: 21-24 hours)

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Note additional prerequisite for CJ 401: CJ 300; Students planning to take CJ 401 should complete CJ 300 as one of their elective requirements—CJ 211 is a prerequisite for CJ 300

*As part of the Senior Requirement, students are required to take the CJ Exit Exam during CJ 400/401