Sexuality and Gender (Minor)

Kathy McCleaf, Coordinator

Studies in gender and sexuality range from theoretical to practical, from institutional to individual, and from policy to practice. Students will explore the multiple dimensions of sexuality and gender framed in biological, psychological, and sociocultural analyses. An investigation of this field of study will be useful for students entering into multiple disciplines, such as sociology, psychology, and education as well as pre-professional programs such as healthcare and social work. The interdisciplinary minor in sexuality and gender studies, grounded in the social sciences, offers students an opportunity to examine the field of sexuality and gender through a bio-psycho-sociocultural perspective. Students interested in declaring an undergraduate major in Sexuality and Gender Studies should contact Kathy McCleaf for curriculum options to design an Independent Major.

Civic Engagement Opportunities

SGS 226 Culture and Wellness and CE 255 Assisting Local Food Programs provide students opportunities for civic engagement and applications to better understand class and gender. Students receive 3 credit hours attributed to civic engagement when participating in CE 255 and may contract for CE hours in SGS 226 beyond what is required in the course

Total credits: