English (BA)

Katherine Turner, Department Chair

Kristen Egan, Adam Fajardo, Sarah Kennedy

Requirements for the Major in English

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

And one gender themed course from

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

*Classes may not double-count for both global/diversity and gender within the Major, even if they carry both I/D and G designations with the General Education Core Curriculum

And four additional electives taken from 200 or 300-level ENG classes

Two of these electives may be Creative Writing courses (245, and either 346 or 347). One elective may be taken in literature in a different language (eg Spanish, French), with prior department approval.

Sub-Total Credits

Of the total 12 courses required for the Major, at least 4 must be at the 300-level (one of which may be a Creative Writing class).

Total credits: 36


Virginia Program at Oxford University

The History and English departments co-sponsor the Virginia Program at Oxford University.

Created by Mary Baldwin in 1967, the Virginia Program at Oxford (VPO) brings students from six Virginia colleges to spend six weeks studying in Oxford, England. Focusing on the Tudor and Stuart era in Britain, students take one English course and one History course (each 3 credit hours) in the authentic Oxford system, a combination of independent study, lectures, and small group discussions. They also enjoy many cultural excursions, including to London and Stratford-upon-Avon, and weekend travel opportunities in Europe.

To learn more about this unique opportunity, contact Mary Hill Cole and visit www.vaoxford.org

Internship Opportunities

Students may count up to three hours of internship towards elective credit for the Major. Examples of internships within English include

  • tutoring in the MBU Writing Center
  • working for Outrageous Fortune, the MBU online creative magazine
  • working in libraries and schools
  • working with programs that support local K-12 students or adult learners
  • working at the American Shakespeare Center
  • working in professions such as publishing, journalism, PR & communications, either in Staunton or in your hometown
  • working for offices within MBU that require and develop English-based skills
Total credits: