Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures (Minor)

Brenci Patiño, Professor and Department Chair, World Languages and Cultures

Students who minor in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures learn to speak, write, read, and understand the Spanish language while learning about the culture, literature, history, art, and music of the Spanish speaking world, including the United States.  Spanish language courses provide the linguistic foundation to prepare students for advanced studies in Latin American literature and cultural studies.

Students who choose to participate in a May Term course in a Spanish-speaking country, engage in a total immersion experience that provides them opportunities to further their knowledge of the Spanish language and Hispanic Cultures. They can get additional Spanish language credits by adding a one-hour credit in Languages Across the Curriculum, during any given semester, to courses taken in another department.

Civic and International Engagement Opportunities

  • May Term study abroad
  • Study and volunteer for a semester or a year in a Spanish-speaking country
  • Volunteer in non-profit organizations in the United States or abroad
  • Internships
  • Tutor Spanish-speaking community members
  • Interpreter for Spanish-speakers

Requirements for the Minor in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures (SPAN)

Item #
Sub-Total Credits
Total credits: