History (Minor)

Virginia Program at Oxford

The History and English departments co-sponsor the Virginia Program at Oxford. Working with British tutors in courses devoted to Tudor-Stuart England, students can earn 3 s.h. of History credit and 3 s.h. of English credit that count toward the History and English majors and minors. History majors are urged to apply to this program. For more information, see Mary Hill Cole.

Civic Engagement Opportunities

Students may develop their historical skills by working as interns in local museums, arts organizations, and historical societies. Other opportunities for civic engagement include working with MBU History faculty on oral history projects in the local community and serving as a Changemaker Student Research Archivist. For their civic engagement in HPUB 230 and HPUB 300, students may receive community service credit in the General Education.

Requirements for the Minor in History

Three history courses above the 100-level Note: The department urges history majors to complete foreign language study through the intermediate level. Directed inquiries, teaching assistantships and internships in History can be arranged on an individual basis.

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