History (BA)

Clayton Brooks, Department Chair

Amy Tillerson-Brown, Mary Hill Cole, Josh Howard

History is the study of past and present worlds that we explore in their own contexts through written, oral, and material evidence. Using primary sources and engaging in historical debates, historians analyze and interpret the actions, thoughts, values, and challenges of people in different cultures and eras. The discipline of History emphasizes the importance of historical perspective and context in seeking to understand the past. We encourage the study of various cultures through academic travel and learning foreign languages. History majors pursue careers in a variety of fields, including law, teaching, public history, business, the arts, government, and foreign service.

Requirements for the Major in History

Six additional courses in history above the 100-level Note: Two HPUB courses may count toward the history major. Teaching assistantships (no more than 3 s.h.) may count toward the major.

Senior Requirement: Students fulfill the senior requirement by successful completion of HIST 400. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in History courses, declare the History major, and have passed at least 9 semester hours of MBU history courses before enrolling in HIST 400. 

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