Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL)

Through ethical rigor, intense challenges, mutual respect and high achievement, VWIL is a four-year leader development program which integrates theoretical leadership instruction with practical application so that graduates have the knowledge, skills, character, and experience to assume positions of leadership in the military, public service, and private sectors in the United States and around the world.

Using a living-learning approach emphasizing moral and ethical development, VWIL combines military leader development through Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) with civilian approaches. VWIL’s leader development program integrates four major components: Academic curriculum, physical and health education curriculum, co-curricular leadership, and military leadership (Army, Air/Space Force, Navy/Marines, Coast Guard; commissioning optional).

VWIL Advanced Leadership Certificate 

The VWIL Advanced Leadership Certificate is awarded to VWIL cadets who have been active members of the VWIL Corps of Cadets for six-eight semesters, completed all requirements for an undergraduate degree at Mary Baldwin University and the Leadership Studies Minor, and hold a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. The academic requirements for the VWIL Certificate beyond the MBU General Education and Leadership Studies Minor requirements include: completing at least two semesters of foreign language courses or study abroad or three global studies courses; completing an additional science class (total of eight science semester hours); completing two math courses (Math 155 or higher) and a statistics course (total of 9 quantitative reasoning semester hours), and a managing difference course. Additionally, VWIL certificates are only awarded to cadets that improve their physical fitness by completing three classes in physical and health education, participate in VWIL’s physical training program each year, and in their senior year pass the Strength and Endurance Test or improve a total of 20% during four years. The leadership experiential requirements for VWIL certificate includes: attending yearly VWIL promotion boards and holding two leadership positions in MBU/VWIL for an entire academic year; one of the positions must be within the VWIL Corps. Final approval for the VWIL Certificate is made by the Commandant of Cadets in consultation with the President.

Cadets awarded VWIL Advanced Leadership Certificate wear a yellow and green cord with medallion at the commencement ceremony.