Undergraduate Admission

Mary Baldwin offers two options for students’ undergraduate residential experience: 1) Mary Baldwin College for Women which emphasizes women-centered leadership development and includes the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership and the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted; and 2) a co-educational residential setting. Mary Baldwin also offers undergraduate programs designed specifically for those with jobs, families, and other responsibilities through MBU Online, as well as graduate programs in business, Shakespeare and Performance, health sciences, and education. See the College of Education, Shakespeare and Performance, Master of Business Administration, or Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences sections of this catalog for information on graduate admissions. 

If you are applying for an undergraduate program, you can apply for admission after your junior year in high school, for admission to the fall or spring semesters, or as a transfer student. You may enter with advanced placement, dual enrollment credit, or credit for advanced work by the International Baccalaureate or by tests of the College Entrance Examination Board. You may attend full-time or, if you live in the area, part-time. As an especially gifted student, you may enter well before completing high school. If you are a prospective student with special demands on their schedules and energies, you may apply to MBU Online on a rolling basis. Please see the Mary Baldwin University website or the Contact Information at the beginning of this Catalog for more information on admission to each MBU program.