Transfer Credits

A graduate program may accept up to six hours of transfer credit from another accredited graduate program. Such transfers will be considered only if all the following conditions are met:

  • The Dean or Program Director determines based on catalog and course materials submitted by the student that the course content is identifiable with the aims and philosophies of the graduate curriculum.
  • The credit was earned in a regionally accredited graduate program.
  • The credit was earned no earlier than three calendar years before the student’s admission to the program, and a grade of B or better was earned.

The student is responsible for determining in advance of enrollment whether courses taken in the graduate program can be transferred to another graduate program or will satisfy credential requirements the student intends to meet, including requirements outside of Virginia. After the drop deadline, a determination that courses are not transferable is not grounds for refund of tuition or fees.

Additional Notes:

  • No transfer credit is accepted toward the BCaBA and BCBA credentials in the ABA programs.
  • Because MBU’s S&P program is, by its nature, different from many other English and theatre graduate programs, program transcripts are accompanied by a “key” noting course similarities to more standard English and theatre courses.