In this course, students will interrogate questions of global citizenship, cosmopolitanism, and notions of "home" through deep engagement with the plays of William Shakespeare. This course will explore Shakespeare's position as a product of his own cultural consumption through readings drawn from his own library of literary, historical, and political sources, as well as his interest in early modern popular culture. Students will then put this knowledge into practice by working together as a theatre ensemble, mirroring Shakespeare's creative response to his culture through the collaborative creation of their own original devised performance piece inspired, influenced, and inflected by Shakespeare's plays. This ensemble-driven process will express our developing understanding of home, belonging, and global citizenship through practical engagement with contemporary devised theatre-making practices and will integrate several of the following areas: acting, improvisation, devising, playwriting, directing, dramaturgy, design, choreography, technical production, and stage management. While this class is designed specifically for the students in the Shakespeare Collective and honors students, it is open to all students interested in gaining hands-on experience in collaborative theatre-making and cultural engagement. No prior experience required.





General Education Core Requirement

A - Arts