Special Costs

Administrative Fees 

A student who is enrolled but is off-campus for an entire year on an approved program not under faculty supervision (i.e., clinical laboratory science and studies abroad) will be charged a per-semester fee of $260. A student who is granted a leave of absence or withdraws from the university and is issued a credit will be assessed an administrative fee of $105. 

Transcript of Record 

Transcripts are issued upon request. A student’s financial record must be cleared of all charges before a transcript of record is issued. 

  • Transcripts: $6 per copy; $8 if sent by U.S. mail.

Special Course Fees 

Music Lessons: Individual Applied Music Lessons will be charged on a per-semester basis. Pre-approved music majors and minors take Primary Applied Lessons (200-level, two credits/60-minute lessons). Most other students take Elective Applied Lessons (100-level, one credit/30-minute lessons). Students with questions about their status should consult the music department. 


Length of Lesson 


Twelve 30-minute lessons 


Twelve 60-minute lessons 


Reduced fee for approved music majors/minors: 

Length of Lesson 


Twelve 30-minute lessons 


Twelve 60-minute lessons 


Reduced fees are based on certification by the music department at the beginning of each semester A student who drops applied music lessons after the second lesson, posted as a withdraw (W), will be billed for the full lesson fee for a given term. 

Fine Arts: A number of studio art courses require a student to pay for expendable materials. THEA 101 require students to pay for theatre tickets. For specific fees, consult course section of this catalog or the instructor in charge of the course. 

Science Courses: Some science courses with labs require a nominal lab fee. See course descriptions in this catalog for more information. 

Physical and Health Education: Some physical and health education courses require special fees. See course descriptions in this catalog for more information. 

Graduate Courses: Prior to admission to an MBU graduate program, students may only take two graduate courses (six semester hours). Following admission to a graduate program, students may take additional graduate courses, but will be assessed an additional nominal fee to do so, beyond the first six semester hours. Students should check the appropriate graduate program section for semester hour limits on graduate courses prior to BA conferral. 

Special Housing Fees 

A charge is added to room cost on a semester basis for the following locations: 

*Only service animals allowed; advanced approval required.

Single Room 

$650 per semester 

ADP House 

$300 per semester 


$175 per semester 

Pet Cleaning Fee * 

$250 per semester 

Lost Residence Hall Keys 

  • Fine for replacement of lost room keys: $30 
  • Fine for the replacement of lost keys to outside doors: $55 

Note: Students are strongly encouraged to obtain a key to their individual rooms at the beginning of the school year. 

Damage or Loss of Personal Possessions 

Damage to or of personal property is not covered by the university’s insurance. MBU assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of any article left on its premises at any time. 


Students must register their cars with the campus security office and pay the following fees each year: 

Residential students 


Commuter students 


Second decal