School of Education Professional Qualities and Dispositional Traits

Professional Qualities and Dispositional Traits

Evaluation of student dispositions has been an aspect of MBU’s SOE program since its inception. It is also a requirement from our national accrediting agent, CAEP. In the SOE, we refer to these as Professional Qualities and Dispositional Traits and focus on those characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors that are relevant to serving as or becoming an effective educator — but that are not necessarily included in traditional academic evaluation and individual course grades.

Graduate faculty, advisors, director of academic and student services and the associate dean of the School of Education review all students’ professional qualities and dispositional traits through an evaluation process at admission, after the methods course, and after student teaching. If in their judgment a pattern of concern about professional qualities from either the course performance or practicum evaluations is evident, both the students and their academic advisors are notified in writing. In an effort to address or remediate any concerns, students may be placed on warning or probation with conditions or stipulations. Ongoing or grave concerns may result in dismissal from the Teacher Education Program.