Residential Programs Tuition and Fees

The comprehensive fee for residential and commuter students during the 2020-21 academic year is $40,845, broken down as follows: 



Student Organization Fee 


Technology Fee 


Credentialling Fee $30

Room and Board 


Total Tuition and Fees 


There is an additional PEG housing fee of $1,250 per year. Financial aid packages based on both merit and need can substantially reduce the actual out-of-pocket cost. The university offers a variety of services to assist students and families in financing a private college education. 

There are no lecture or practice teaching fees. Some classes have fees for private music lessons, art materials, lab fees, field trips, use of facilities not belonging to the university, or other extraordinary expenses. For details, see the course descriptions in this catalog. 

Monthly Payment Plan 

Fees that are normally due in one large lump sum at the beginning of each semester may be paid in eight equal monthly installments. There are no interest or finance charges — only an administration fee of $30 per semester. For additional information, please log in to and click on Student Info. Click on Monthly Payment Plan under Business and Finance. 

Half-Price Tuition Plan 

Students who have completed eight semesters of full-time work in classes on the MBU campus may enroll in additional on-campus classes for half of the usual applicable tuition charge if approved by the registrar. Students must be eligible for readmission to MBU. They may live off campus. On-campus housing is subject to availability and will be charged at full price. To take advantage of the half-price tuition, no more than 12 months may have elapsed since the date of last enrollment. Graduate and summer courses are not available at half-price. MBU will help the student get external grants and loans, but no institutional aid will be available to students under this plan.