Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences Admission Decisions

The undergraduate programs in Exercise Science, Health Care Administration, Health Informatics and Information Management, and Health Sciences do not have a separate admissions' process. Mary Baldwin University students can declare these majors and should refer to the Undergraduate Section of this Catalog for more information.

The Health Sciences Graduate and RN-BSN Undergraduate Programs use multiple criteria to select the most promising candidates from the applicant pool. Admission decisions are made by the Admissions Committee after applications are completed, interview has been given (if required), and committee review in the context of the applicant pool. Applicants are informed in writing of their admission status. Admission into Mary Baldwin University does not guarantee admission into these programs. Mary Baldwin University reserves the right to rescind admission for students whose criminal background check comes back positive for any conviction.

Conditional Acceptance

Conditional Acceptance will be used for students finishing their prerequisite course work or other admission requirements such as RN Licensing Examination, etc. Acceptance is conditional pending confirmation the applicant has met all admission requirements, including official transcript(s) showing final course work is completed and meets minimum GPA and course grade requirements and the applicant has earned any required degree(s). All other required official documentation as outlined in their conditional acceptance notification must also be submitted before enrollment into the program.

Conditional Admission

Conditional Admission does not apply to Entry-level Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Master of Science in Physician Assistant Programs. Conditional Admission will be used in cases where applicants do not meet all of the requirements for regular admission but allows them to begin program course work. Conditionally admitted students must meet any conditions outlined in the conditional admissions notification document and earn at least a 3.0 GPA during the first nine credits taken in the program.

Transfer Credit

The undergraduate programs follow University policy regarding transfer of credits. Graduate programs in health sciences may allow up to six (6) graduate-level transfer credits with prior program director approval. Prior courses may be used to meet prerequisite requirements. There is no waiver of coursework or advanced standing granted in any program.


Undergraduate students applying to MDCHS will have their transcript(s) evaluated at time of application and will be informed of courses/credits needed to complete their undergraduate degree. Graduate Students requesting a transcript review will submit the request in writing to the program director of the program in which he or she is seeking acceptance. Acceptance of transfer credit is at the discretion of the program director. In order for transfer credit to be awarded, the following conditions must be met:

The credit was earned at an MBU approved, regionally accredited institution. The credit was not used for a previously earned degree.

  • The student earned a minimum grade of a “B” or greater. (“S”/“U” grades are only accepted for a “P”/“NC” graded course at MDCHS.)

  • The course is applicable to the anticipated program of study.

  • A written request for a transcript evaluation is received prior to the prospective student being accepted into the graduate program.

  • The request is approved by the program director for the graduate program in which the student is accepted.

  • The approval is only valid for the program of enrollment, if the student transfers to a different program of study within MBU or MDCHS, the student will need to petition the new program director for approval. 

  • Please refer to the PA Transfer Credit Policy in the MSPA portion of the Catalog. 

Articulation Agreements

Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences has articulation agreements with a select group of institutions to guarantee interviews to applicants who meet all admission requirements as outlined in the agreements. Admission is not guaranteed under these programs but guarantees interviews to highly qualified candidates from partner schools to our competitive health sciences graduate programs.


Academic advisement is a process-oriented, interactive, professional relationship between advisor and advisee. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who supports the student in career exploration, academic progress and performance, related to professional standards and support for their final project.