MBU Online Tuition and Fees

The total cost of the program varies depending on the student’s background and previous college work. 


*Fees applicable to RN to BSN Program

Tuition Per Semester Hour 


Regular Course Work 


Internships (only classes numbered 287 or 387) 


Special Costs 

Prior Learning Portfolio Evaluation ** 


Re-activation Fee $50
Administrative Withdrawal Fee $105
Technology Fee * $60/semester
Credentialling Fee * $15/semester


Graduate Courses: Prior to admission to an MBU graduate program, students may only take two graduate courses (six semester hours). Following admission to a graduate program, students may take additional graduate courses, but will be assessed an additional nominal fee to do so, beyond the first six semester hours. Students should check the appropriate graduate program section for semester hour limits on graduate courses prior to BA conferral.