For Graduate Programs

The temporary grade of Incomplete ("I") may be given at the end of a course if, for reasons beyond the student's control, a student is unable to complete the course work. An Incomplete may be given only with the approval of the course instructor and the student's advisor. To request an incomplete, a student must fill out an Incomplete Request Form, including all necessary approvals.

The deadlines for Incomplete coursework to be completed by the student are as follows, unless otherwise indicated by the instructor:

Full semester courses the end of the following semester, not including Summer term
Sub-term or 7-week courses the end of the following sub-term, not including Summer term
Full semester Summer term courses the end of Fall term
Sub-term or 7-week Summer term courses the end of the following sub-term

The instructor may assign an earlier deadline if they deem necessary. 

In unusual circumstances, such as prolonged illness, with the approval of the instructor and advisor, time may be extended.

If the coursework is not completed within the specified time, the instructor will assign a course grade awarded by the instructor based on the work completed to date.