Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education

In light of the current socio-political climate, it is clear that Higher Education professionals must be prepared to be culturally competent and critically aware of the complexities involved in the lives of all individuals. Diversity is defined in the certificate in the most inclusive and broad sense possible. The importance of inter-disciplinary analysis is paramount in the development of a graduate certificate that is striving to teach a level of cultural competence beyond basic content knowledge. A comfort with the development of activities and dialogs that are required for both Higher Education professionals and other organizations will be an integral part of the certificate program. Program participants will be situated to collaborate and draw on additional knowledge and fields of study outside of their undergraduate programs.

Requirements for the Certificate

The certificate is 12 credit hours and includes one course currently in development:

  • HIED 6xx (will have a global focus)

Plus the following:

Item #
Sub-Total Credits
Total credits: