First-Year Admission

Admission to Mary Baldwin’s programs is based on a student’s academic potential; achievement in secondary school, when applicable; strength and maturity of character; and any special talents and abilities. In judging academic ability, the secondary school record, when applicable, is the primary factor considered. Candidates for admission should have completed at least 16 college preparatory courses. The university recommends that candidates include four or five academic subjects in their course loads each year in meeting the following recommended school program: 

  • English, four units 
  • Foreign language, two units (preferably two consecutive foreign language courses) 
  • Mathematics, three units 
  • History and social studies, three units 
  • Lab science, two units 

All students who enroll at Mary Baldwin University agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and standards set and established by the university. The university in turn will offer a bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, bachelor of science in nursing (RN-BSN-MSN), or bachelor of social work; master of letters or master of fine arts in Shakespeare and Performance; master of business administration; master of science, master of education or master of arts in teaching; or master of science in physician assistant, master of science in nursing, master of healthcare administration, doctor of occupational therapy, or doctor of physical therapy to those who meet the established standards, and will attempt during a student’s tenure to lend advice and support as solicited and/or needed. 

The Declarations section of this catalog states Mary Baldwin University’s policies on nondiscrimination, student privacy rights, and other important provisions. 

Personal Interviews

A personal interview on campus with an admissions counselor is offered but not required for students seeking admission. Appointments for an interview and tour of the campus should be made in advance. Refer to the university calendar in this catalog for the dates when the university is in session. The Office of Admissions is open Monday through Friday all year, except for short periods during the Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays. During academic sessions, the Admissions Office is open on Saturday mornings. During the summer months, it is not open on Saturday. Email, or call 800-468-2262 or 540-887-7019 to schedule an appointment.