Conditions of Payment 

Charges are listed for the university year. Fifty percent of the comprehensive fee is due by September 1. The balance for all students is due by the start of spring classes in January. 

Deadlines for Payment 

Students will not be permitted to begin classes until all tuition and fee payments for the previous semester have been paid. In order for seniors to participate in Commencement activities, all financial obligations must have been paid before graduation day. The university policy for all students is that past and current obligations must be paid in full as a precondition to register or reside on campus. 

Note: The University will not issue transcripts or diplomas if any outstanding balances are due to the MBU business office. 

Collection Procedures 

Active collection efforts are made by MBU personnel to collect delinquent payments from current students. When a student who has withdrawn from the university has a delinquent account, MBU pursues legal means to collect balances due. If the university must refer unpaid obligations to a collection agency, the university includes the full cost of collection and/or attorney fees as part of the outstanding obligation.