Anthropology (Minor)

Abigail Wightman, Coordinator

For the Sociology Major with a Concentration in Anthropology, see the Sociology section of the catalog.

Anthropology is the study of the human experience, divided into four main subfields: cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, physical anthropology, and archaeology. The anthropology program at Mary Baldwin University provides an introduction to all four subfields but focuses most extensively on cultural anthropology. As the study of contemporary human societies, cultural anthropology attempts to describe, understand, and explain cultural practices in all human communities, including our own. In our increasingly multicultural communities, the anthropology minor is particularly useful to students who plan to work in museums, education, historic and cultural preservation, business and marketing, nonprofit community organizing, international development and diplomacy, and healthcare.

Civic Engagement Opportunities

Students are encouraged to seek out civic and global engagement opportunities, particularly internships, study abroad, and anthropological field schools. Along with anthropology faculty, the Spencer Center can help students find appropriate opportunities.

Requirements for the Minor in Anthropology

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Three additional anthropology electives

Up to three hours may be substituted with approval by the anthropology coordinator.

Sub-Total Credits
Total credits: